Sexy Rodeo Denim

As you may know we teamed up with Wendy Jim to create our #sexyrodeo Denim Jackets.

Our goal was to make a classic denim jacket work on the bike and the Morton brothers encouraged this idea.

Gus and Lachlan combined functional and casual clothes on rides through Australia, the U.S. and Colombia documenting this in their movies Thereabouts.

But denim doesn't really stretch right? And short, not-stretching sleeves don't help when you try to move. We needed more than just an optimized cut.

Two years ago Helga joined us for our annual trip to Friedrichshafen and we discovered the schoeller® denim fabrics which were the missing link.

The final jacket is not only cut to work on a bike it's also water-repellent and abrasion-resistant which makes it perfect for commuting, cyclo-cross or any other adventure using a bicycle.

#sexyrodeo #outdoordisco