salzburg #rennradrunde

Boban and John called for a weekend of altitude training in Salzburg – the Salzburg Rennradrunde.

We weren’t able to join them for the whole weekend but could make it for saturday's adventure climb to the Eagle’s Nest.

We streched our legs climbing the Ettenberg just to get an impression what would be up next. The Kehlsteinhaus. It was built as a 50th birthday gift for Hitler and is situated on a subpeak of the Hoher Göll at 1834m above the town of Berchtesgaden. It can only be reached by bus, foot or bike.

While it starts with a modest grade of 10% it ends up in a 3km switchback sufferfest hitting nearly 18% average gradient. You won't meet many other cyclists up there but the view is totally worth it.

Getting back home after you reach the top is a little tricky. Descending the Kehlstein is prohibited. It's a one way and only public busses are allowed to use it. We knew that and planned to descend after the last bus would have reached the top but the guards tried to prevent us.

After a little debate in the freezing cold we were good to go.

Thanks for making us sweat #rennradrunde

Photos: @marbilus @thnwmd