rapha ride vienna

Francessco and Romeo drive around europe. Their home is a truck and they serve coffee to cyclists wherever they go. Last weekend Franco – Rapha’s Mobile Cycle Club – stopped in Vienna to support the local cycling scene.

Our friends from Festka exhibited their bikes at the Hotel am Brillantengrund’s garage while #bburd organized two rides exploring the Weinvietel and Wienerwald.

saturdays ride data
Riders: 50+
Distance: 77km
Moving Time: 3:07:49
Elapsed Time: 4:04:54
Elevation: 552m

sundays ride data
Riders: 30+
Distance: 93,5km
Moving Time: 3:37:43
Elapsed Time: 5:00:51
Elevation: 1352mm


thanks for riding with us.

Photos: @allanberger @marbilus @thnwmd