Winter in Vienna has a way of sneaking up on you. The final race of the season concludes as the leaves begin to turn, but the days seem to hold out for a little while longer — a few more weeks to retrace summer memories before daylight has faded and we're too cold to sit outside for pizza. Before you know it everybody is wearing gloves. White socks? Back of the drawer. Layers? All of them.

Yes, winter has arrived — and with it we're proud to share our latest collection, "OFF-SEASON".

Riding at this time of year is often about finding a new perspective. Some of us hop on the trainer to get fit for Spring bunchies while listening to audiobooks and others have traded in their skinny tires for knobbies. Many of us curiously think of "That One Turn" that's been passed and never taken.

The "OFF-SEASON" collection revisits the essential pieces from last year's DANCE SHIELD, improving construction and aesthetic with the new fabrics and colorways developed throughout the year on our other lines.


Wherever you choose to go, comfort is critical and nothing has your back better than an insulating, water-repellant, and breathable jacket. Our all-new take on this staple garment features the industry-beloved SUPER-ROUBAIX fabric for unparalleled weather management in our sleek, minimally branded shell design and is available now in limited quantities.

We are especially proud to release this piece to you — we simply enjoy riding in it. Here's to your OFF-SEASON and wherever that mystery turn goes.

Products: OFF-SEASON Collection
Photos: Clemens Fantur
Copy: Daniel Hutchinson
Superheroes: Miles, Lena, Bob