From outdoor to indoor and indoor to outdoor disco

All the teasing came to an end. We finally launched our cycling fashion brand bbuc and presented our first collection "outdoor disco“.

Last unicorn and smoky mules

The party was awesome! We were pretty amazed how many people showed up to see the new collection and simply blown away by all the good feedback!

The beyond,… and beyond our expectations

Jenseits means beyond in german and is the name of our afterparty location. That's where everybody finally began to float after we changed from outdoor- to indoor disco.

The day after

The next day we continued setting up our booth at the first Wiener Fahrradschau. We all ran on -low batt but it went all good cause we were surrounded with such good company for the following three days!

We were pretty lucky with the weather and hosted a spontaneous bbuc groupride around town and through the Wienerwald.

In the end we were exhausted but the rewarding feeling of having finally started made it all worth the hard work and long hours we put into making this possible

Thanks again to the people of the Wiener Fahrradschau, Legor Cicli, Enve, Festka, Rapha, Granfondo Magazine, Standert and to everyone else who joined to celebrate those days with us.

Especially to Wendy Jim and the whole brillicrew who helped us bring this fairydiscotale to life,… may the disco be with you and you with the disco!