You probably have heard about Girona; one of europe's cycling hotspots, home for a lot of professionals and close to Barcelona. A couple of months ago Christian Meier opened his third shop – The Service Course and we've been curious what it's about since we took notice of it.

When Ken told us that he's going to launch the new ENVE 3.4 SES at The Service Course we simply booked our flights to Barcelona, called Mattia and forced him to take care of us.

We spent the following days petting #ingegnermakita, studying Ken's media release performance, crushing some bars, introducing ourselves to Mr. Meier, having dinner with Henrik at the chpt3 hq and trying to keep up with Gabi of Team Cervelo Bigla the next day.

#gironasucksforcycling #not

Thanks for having us @legorcicli @cremacycles @henrikorre @envecomposites and @theservicecourse #nextstopberlin