Popping Back from Worlds

What a week. Thank you for joining our little team at the Gang & Gebe // Kater Noster Pop Up, and special thanks to our partners Festka and Rouleur for making it possible. It was a pleasure to meet you and share our perspective in cycling while celebrating the highest tier in the sport. Did you even see AVB's win? Heroic.

#outdoordisco, Indoors

Yes, we threw parties instead of group rides.

It was a return to our roots in #outdoordisco — that dancing on the pedals with light flickering through the trees is somehow the same as the dancing on Friday night: in the end, it's about connecting with those around you, and Wolfram's set brought the joy from 2000m up in Küthai down to a community of riders and locals alike.

Off-Season 18/19

At the Pop Up we previewed an upcoming collection called "Off-Season" — a play on the Copy Cat summer release in winter gear. We're doing the Innsbruck Hustle to finalize everything and will have a presale up next week: heavy jackets, thermal bibs, long sleeve jerseys, and a few key accessories to keep your tootsies happy.

And while we're in gear corner, the always-favorite DISCO socks are restocked and there are a few odd sizes of casual outerwear up for grabs. The denim jacket has a slightly stretchy, moisture-repellant fabric and its sleeve construction is fit to look good on beer rides.

Tschüss, and see you soon.