There is an inherent style in riding. Some grind while others spin, some sit back and wait for their moment while others make it happen. It goes all the way down to the pedal stroke, where efficiency and adaptability cohere into what the French call souplesse.

That style is more than body mechanics, it’s everything from head to toe. Cycling is unique amongst sports for individuality within the team, so we reach for the latest sock height and sunglasses, and in so doing fulfill the century-old tradition to be loud and proud of who you are. But despite the endlessly small differentiations, what can colors, logos, and technical fabrics really say?

Our CCC collection is back with two new colorways to pose this question through a fantasy of over-branding and hyper-sponsorship. It's as David Byrne once sang: "you're talking a lot, but you're not saying anything."

Collection: Copy Cat Capsule 2019
Superheros: Xaver and Stephan
Photos: Christian, Copy: Daniel