Our SS2019 collection refines construction and message to open what it means to ride everyday and explore the worldwide connection between us. We're pleased to release the first looks from sister themes, each featuring a shortened jersey, new finishing from zippers to banding, and a unified color theory that speaks to the inherent waste of seasonal production.


Last year we explored the meaning of borders and imagined a world united by inclusive philosophies flown in colors from Hotel am Brillantengrund and the countryside around it. This fundamental question has grown on our minds, and so this year we ask aloud: what is your vision of a better world?

We hope for one with an active, worldwide dialog on health instead of debating issues on borders, military alliances, or exits of unions. The first of four flags, Navy and Lilac, look toward this future through fragments of red, pink, and purple in a forward alignment illustrating the convergence of many into a whole.

All pieces are made in Europe from an internationality of Austrian, German, Italian, Japanese, and Swiss contributions. The WORLDWIDE CONNECTION™ tagline featured is a commitment to the commonality between us — and what we do with it.


A signature look for the minimalist, color-friendly, global thinker. Our Everyday collection highlights refinements to fit and finish with colors unified to mix and match. Sage and Purple available now with more colorways coming soon.


Products: BBUC SS19
Photos and copy: Daniel
Unicorns: Jenny and Dylan