We're pleased to share that a limited run of our collaborative Festka 2019 jerseys are available for purchase through our online store. There are two styles in both men and women's sizes — one stealthy, one flashy.

This project was intended to stop there, but fortunate timing produced the matching Scalatore featured at our Innsbruck pop up. You may have noticed the tastefully colorful 6.5kg dream machine dressed in Record and Bora. Should you ride a ~56cm equivalent, it too can be yours — just drop a line with Festka to get started.


This concept draws inspiration from the simple friendship between two brands who like to ride. We started by blending our liveries into a colorway representing our home cities. Layout was approached within Fictional Nations to ensure the linework would sit well sublimated across a jersey zipper and masked along a bottom bracket.

Our mascot unicorn makes a featured appearance too, this time a reminder of the magic of a good ride.


When we introduced a collection illustrated with flags for fictional countries earlier this year it was simply our commentary on the arbitrary lines separating us from neighbors. It was a special pleasure to revisit the thought in another project, and this time at an event dedicated to riders from across the world.

It's sort of like dessert: our dough may be a little thinner, but we're still talking apfelstrudel. Embrace the similarities.

Products: BBUC for Festka Collection
Superheroes: Isi, Bob, Philipp and Stuart
Photos and copy: Daniel Hutchinson