Back in 1930s a four-person team of idealists cemented the international Modernist movement into a furniture company as a means of illustrating the unified theories of design and lifestyle in an accessible product. Artek, short for Art and Technology, was a radical concept at the time and continues distilling their founding philosophy into the homes of people around the world.

Fast-forward to September 2019, when BBUC joins the story by contributing our perspective to a limited edition of the Fictional Nations Concept color way Stool 60: a sturdy reminder of the worldwide connection we stand for in a fast-paced world of design that is anything but timeless.

Each flag in the series takes inspiration from the colors of our home in Vienna and reinterprets an underlying grid to visualize common perspective with unique ideals, much like the harmony between Artek and BBUC itself. And as always, we threw a party instead of a group ride.

The BBUC for Artek FNC collection is available now in a limited edition of 40 pieces.