Audio, Video... DISCO!

Music is a constant inspiration for the themes underlying our cycling exterior: the right tune at the right time is indistinguishable from magic, and there is nothing like a soundtrack to montage your routine through coffee and a stretch out onto the open road.

Long-time followers will remember the introduction of #outdoordisco as a collection that played on the similarity between a night out in town and a morning out with the peloton, dancing through sparkling light with hearts beating as one. The observation has grown in the years since, becoming a mantra to motivate the Everyday and a symbol of connection through movement — a worldwide connection between all people, activities, and cultures. It's human to dance.

This Thursday sees the first of two releases to celebrate our love for all things pocket: DDANCE Vol 2 brings the heat to summer in collaboration with music discovery platform DUMMY, and features our Everyday construction to groove through long days in the saddle. The second is our secret for now, so in the meantime, please enjoy the soundtrack to our Racing Dreams...